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ABia WANEP members

Date: 25th October 2018

Venue: Rural Development Planner, 10 Library Avenue, Umuahia, Abia State

Time: 1.45pm

After a brief prayer by Mrs Felicia Dimgba and introduction done by all present, Mr Nelson Nwafor of Foundation for Environment (FENRAD) explained what West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP) is all about as some who were in the meeting had not none about WANEP before. Mr Nwafor stated how he has been following the activities of the Network and expressed disappointment that the network is not exiting in Abia State, but relief has come with the coming of Mr Chibundu Uchegbu, the south East zonal coordinator of WANEP – Mr Nelson concluded. Adding, Mr Richard Okoro of Rural Development Planners said WANEP has been in existence for close to 20 years yet Abia State is not a member, now that it has joined membership, there should be accelerated activities now for the state.

Speaking, Mr Chibundu Uchegbu thanked everyone seated for the event, and their commitment to join the biggest peacebuilding network in West Africa. He said WANEP is not a national organization but an international one as the name “West Africa” applies. Chibundu said that he was convinced that all the orgnisations here today have basic knowledge on peace activities as that is what the network is aimed at. And the essence is not just to join the network but to actualize the objectives of the network. Mr Uchegbu said he assumed the coordinatorship of the zone on 25th July (this year) from Mrs Miriam Minkiti, and has a mandate to reposition the zonal level of the network.

The South East zonal coordinator of WANEP gave the origin of the network in 1998, the structures, what it has achieved and the 20th anniversary events billed to take place in Ghana in 2019. He went ahead and mentioned 5 thematic areas of the network –

  1. a.Conflict prevention
  2. b.Women in peace building
  3. c.Research and Documentation
  4. d.Active non-violence and peace education
  5. e.Democracy and good governance

Chibundu noted that as everyone here is willing to join the network, let us also be willing to carryout the task associated with the membership. On this ground, he mentioned membership dues for members to be paying annually that will sustain the network at the state, zonal and national levels. He said dues are not paid by cash but through the zonal bank account and receipt will be issued upon showing evidence of payment. And there is sharing formula of the N5,000 annual dues per member organization – 60% goes to the zone while 40% goes to the national chapter. Mr Richard appealed to the zonal leader to grant them 2018 waiver since they just joined and the year is almost ended. This was granted.

The WANEP South East leader thereby formally established Abia State Chapter of WANEP. This is after participants made commitments to pursue peace course.

Making progress, Mr Uchegbu stated that for organization to move on, there must be leadership. He therefore requested for the positions to be filled into the offices of the coordinator, secretary and the PRO of the network. He called for the nomination first. Responding, Mr Richard Okoro of Rural Development Planners nominated Mr Nelson Nwafor into the office of the coordinator. It was seconded by Mrs Felicia Dimgba of Comfort Restoration. Nelson’s nomination was unopposed by all the members present. Mr Nelson Nwafor was therefore elected as the Abia State coordinator of WANEP.

Next was the office of the secretary. Mr Chigozie Orji of HACHPLE Africa nominated Mr Richard Okoro of Rural Dev. Planners of which he declined. Grace Unegbu of YOULEAP nominated Mrs Felicia Dimgba , and it was supported by Mr Nelson Nwafor of FENRAD. She had no opposition. Mrs Felicia Dimgba of Comfort Restoration was thereby elected as the secretary of Abia State WANEP.

Next office was office of PRO. When nomination was called by the zonal coordinator, Mr Hawkins Emeruea of Rural Transformation Development nominated Mis Ifeoma Duru while Mr Chigozie Oji of HACHPLE Africa nominated Mr Jude Munaonye of Living Hope. With one position and two nominees, voting was conducted through open ballot. Out of the 12 persons present at the moment, Mr Jude got 9 votes while Ifeoma got 3 votes. On this ground, Mr Jude Munaonye of Living Hope was duly elected as the PRO of Abia State chapter of WANEP.

Mr Uchegbu called out the newly elected excos (Mr Nelson Nwafor as coordinator, Mrs Felicia Dimgba as secretary and Mr Jude Munaonye as PRO), swore them in and gave them assignment to moving Abia State chapter of WANEP forward notwithstanding the timing. He charged them to live up to the responsibilities and appealed to all the members to assist and cooperate with them now the nation is approaching election year.

Giving his acceptance speech, the coordinator of Abia State chapter of WANEP, Mr Nelson Nwafor thanked the national leadership of WANEP, the zonal and Abia State members of the network for finding him worthy to head the network at the state chapter and promised to carry his co-exco members and all members of the network along, and also never to disappoint the network. He appealed to the zonal and national leaderships of the network to help the newest state chapter with trainings and capacity building to enable them be updated with the activities of the network. This appeal was concurred by the members present.

Chibundu Uchegbu handed the coordinator the following documents to assist him with vital information about the network:

  1. a.Fact sheet on Impact of Investment in Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation on Small Scale Farmers 2010-2015
  2. b.Caught in the Divide
  3. c.Copy of 2008 annual report
  4. d.Copy of 2015-2016 Annual Report
  5. e.Copy of 2017 Annual Report

In his closing remarks, Mr Chigozie Oji expressed joy that he has come close to development minded persons and for this, Abia State chapter of WANEP shall succeed. Miss Ifeoma Duru said the closing prayer by 3.27pm.


  1. 1.Chbueze Favour – The King’s Banquet
  2. 2.Boniface Okoro – The Orode Today
  3. 3.Hawkins Emeruea – Rural Transformation Development
  4. 4.Grace Unegbu – YOULEAP
  5. 5.Chigozie Oji – HACHPLE Africa
  6. 6.Uzoesi Jecinter – Links International
  7. 7.Patricia Michael – Foundation for Peace and Development
  8. 8.Tony Onazi – FENRAD
  9. 9.Chizoba Ogbaoona – ICASULP
  10. 10.Nelson Nwafor – FENRAD
  11. 11.Egbuna Eunice – DGES
  12. 12.Ihediwanma Gladys – GRACODEV
  13. 13.Felicia Dimgba – Comfort Restoration
  14. 14.Munaony Jude – Living Hope
  15. 15.Richard Okoro – Rural Development Planners
  16. 16.Nnenna Ude – Centre for Human Protection
  17. 17.Anugwa Grace – Gender Health Foundation
  18. 18.Lilian Ezenwa – Public Enlightenment

Chibundu Uchegbu

South East Zonal Coordinator